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Medica Travel - privacy policy

All information and pictures are held to the highest degree of confidentiality and are protected under the Polish law, (Act of 29th August 2006 on Personal Data Protection). We may use and share this information with those doctors, dentists, clinics or hospitals specifically involved in the processing of your application. Any personally identifiable information you give us is held with the utmost care and security both online and off-line. We do not sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party.

Personally Identifiable Information
In order to process your application, our site provides you with the option to use an on-line contact form. We collect your personal and contact information solely in order to process your application. By sending medical data, and in some cases photos, you give your consent to our passing this information on to medical doctors for an opinion. Your personal and contact information may also be used by a doctor or dentist to get in touch with you when necessary to process your application. E-mails may be sent to you to inform you of the status of your application, or to request any additional information required.

Consultation with dentist Free
Scaling and Polishing + Airflow 280
Small Filling 180
Medium Filling 200
Big Filling 220
Local Anaesthesia 40
Endodontic Treatment  
Root-filling (1 canal) 380-500
Root-filling (2 canals) 500-620
Root-fillings (3 canals) 700-900
Re - Endo 120-180
Extraction of Single Root Tooth 220
Extraction of Retianed Tooth 490
Implant Dentistry  
Implant + Insertion 2500-3500
Porcelain Crown + Abutment 2500-3500
Overdenture (for two implants) 5300
Overdenture (for 4 implants) 8300
Bone Augmentation 2000-2500
Sinus Lift 3500-4500
Crowns and Bridgeworks  
Porcelain Crown Veneered on Chrome Cobalt Alloys 850
Porcelain Crown veneered on Gold Alloys 1600
Cercon Crown 1600
Ceramic Inlay 1200
Composite Inlay 600
Porcelain Veneer 1700
Root Post 400
Night Guard 450
NTI 450
Acrylic Endentolous Denture 2000
Acrylic Partial Denture 1200
Metal Frame Denture 2000
Cosmetic Denture 4500
Bleaching Beyond 750
Denture repair 100-1000
Prices in Polish zlotys. Prices can vary between dentists


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